IBM Design

UI Designer/UX Researcher/FED

If you follow any of the other designers at IBM you'll see a similar theme - what we work on is corporate, secure and covered by NDA. I can't show specifics but I can describe the vague generalities of what we worked on. We are T designers here at IBM and collaboration is key. Any of the work I describe has many entities that pushed towards the final product, but I'll try to focus on the pieces that I put the most love into. The group follows a Design Thinking approach and alongside the actual projects there has been a ton of additional design group during my stay here.

What Happens When you Bring 100's of Designers Togehter?

Initial work at IBM was meant both as an exploration of the new studio process and as an exploration of the designers themselves.

Working with one of the largest internal studios in the world

Business Analytics/Watson Analytics

Multiple Iterations have occurred leading to my current work on Watson Analytics. Data as objects and the potentials that arrise for visualizing them has been my focus for almost two years now.

Secondary Projects

Whether its teaching Animation talks, creating prototypes for other teams, or interviewing new designers, the studio keeps us busy.

Continual Education

I haven't stopped my UX or Dev education while in this role. Meet-ups and work at the Techshop take up much of my time outside of work.